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Paul and Colton met in Dallas, TX at a bar that was hosting a Halloween party back in 2014 (see picture to the right).  We hit it off right away - nerding out over board games and data analytics.  Colton found out that Paul hosted a game night every month and Paul being the nice guy that he is, invited Colton to join in on the next one. 

Given Smash Up is typically a four player or less game, it was tough to bring it out as we typically had 6-8 people for game nights. Paul described what this game was, and Colton showed interest in it, and at that point Colton made it apparent to show up early for and to stay late whenever there were game nights so we could get a smaller crowd to try out Smash Up. Lucky for Colton, Paul is an expert at walking noobs through new games, and he was able to pick it up pretty quickly.

Fast forward a few years through the hosting of game nights and playing Smash Up with the same group of friends, Colton ended up moving back to Seattle and Paul moved to Washington D.C. Now how the hell were the supposed to play?! COVID ended up being a blessing in disguise because Colton and Paul were able to regularly plan game nights virtually on Tabletop Simulator, and of course, bringing Smash Up into their lives on a regular basis.

Paul Boynton

Paul Boynton


Preferred Playstyle:


Dallas-born data nut. Terrible comedian. Lover of games and imaginer of stories. Enjoys funk music, animation, Italian food, and persuasive banter.

Colton Lammers

Colton Lammers


Preferred Playstyle:


Alaskan born. PNW raised. Expert traveler. Photographer. Introverted Extrovert. Software Engineer. Craftsman. Tinkerer of things.

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