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Want to help grow the community? Want us to provide better data and analysis to the community? Navigate through the boxes below to input your data to help us out!

A friendly reminder that the accuracy of our data is solely dependent on the honesty of the community so please be thoughtful in your submissions.

Submit Games

Help us determine data around banned factions, game size, VP earned, fun factor, and synergies in any given game.


Choose two factions and tells us what you think their winning effectiveness is, as well as other info for us to report on.

Faction Reviews

Help us with what you think the effectiveness, fun factor, and other information is about a particular faction.

Set Reviews

Inform us of your favorite set(s), how fun they are to play, their complexity, as well as any other details we should know.

Counter Picks

When someone chooses a faction, who do you like to pick to counter that faction? Let us know your favorite counter picks!

We'd like to thank the community for all the help they've given us whether it be ideas, feedback, or data - a special shout out to the data collected by Nathaniel at as that had provided a great basis for game insights.

Additionally, be sure to check out the Smash Up Community Contributor Leaderboard below!

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