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Difficulty Levels

How do you know how difficult a faction is? What does difficulty mean? See our below definitions to understand how we define the difficulty levels of any given faction.


This faction is very simple to play, and focuses on straightforward mechanics, often only playing one minion and one action per turn. There are few or no interactions with other players.


This faction is easy to play, and has an obvious strategy with simply abilities across the minions and actions. This faction may play extra action cards in the turn and may require some thought about interaction with other plays minions or actions.


This faction has some level of complexity, or has a combination of strategies. Some of the cards have complex abilities or the faction has some interactions with opponents cards in play. The faction will often play additional cards during their turn, or have a number of plays outside of their turn. Some thought may have to be given to sequencing their cards.


This faction is difficult to play. It contains a strategy that is not a conventional route to victory. Some of the cards are complex with detailed abilities. This faction has many, if not frequent interactions with other players cards, often outside of that players turn. This faction will frequently play more cards per turn than the typical one action and one minion. There may be a complex sequencing issue, or serious thought needs to be given about exactly where minions or actions should be played to most effectively execute the factions strategy.


This faction is very difficult to play. It contains an unconventional mechanic that is rarely found in the game. The faction contains a number of complex cards and frequently requires proper sequencing to execute the factions strategy.  This faction often has power plays that will require a large number of cards to be played in one turn.  This faction will likely have plays that can be made outside of its turn or the power or placement of its minions may may change outside of its turn.

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